Elizabeth attended the Gen Con Game Conference 2012 and WorldCon 2012 in Chicago.



I was delighted to be invited by Ms. Lackey to write a story for her new anthology series elemental magic: All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters. The title of my story is ‘Stones and Feathers’. The book is scheduled for release in December 4, 2012.

Elemental Magic

Stones and Feathers

"Elemental Masters of Stone avoid cities at all cost.  But when the Tower of London cries out to one Master, he has no choice but to answer the call. "

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War Prize 


by Elizabeth Vaughan

now available

Reissue with Original Short Story Bonus

The daughter of a Warrior King, Lara was trained as a healer, helping both friend and foe. And when the enemy warlord agrees to cease hostilities in exchange for Lara, she agrees to become the Warprize.

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by Elizabeth Vaughan

Coming May 3, 2011

ISBN 978-0-425-24152-3

All is not well in Xy. There is a faction of nobles who are plotting against the Queen and her barbarian warlord, Keir. As cultures clash and tempers flare, Heath and the fierce Plains warrior woman Atira of the Bear must come together to fight the conspiracy... and to search their hearts for something deeper than raw passion.

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Publishers Weekly Review May

A barbarian woman and a castle guard find love amid political intrigue in this pleasant blend of romance and classic fantasy, the fourth installment of Vaughan's Chronicles of the Warlands (after Warlord). The queen of Xy is now the beloved bride of a barbarian warlord. In their retinue, Heath of Xy, son of the royal seneschal, woos the lusty warrior woman Atira of the Bear, whose dislike for city life and settling down amusingly recall male barbarian romance hero stereotypes. As Queen Lara attempts to regain control of the fractious nobility, Heath and Atira team up to fight conspirators and thwart assassination attempts while helping to lower the cultural barriers between the subjects of Xy and the warriors of the plains. Hints of the interesting plains culture will engage fantasy fans, and the protagonists' convincing chemistry will please romance readers. (May)